11 sure fire ways to have the most relaxed Christmas ever + free Christmas planner

If you are more frazzled than your pigs in blankets then get organised with our 11 tips for a relaxed Christmas and our free Christmas planner printable.
If you are more frazzled than your pigs in blankets then get organised with our 11 tips for a relaxed Christmas and our free Christmas planner.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

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Does the word Christmas fill you with cheer or dread?

Do you sit down on Christmas eve with a glass of mulled wine and a mince pie or are you still fighting for the last turkey in Tescos?

For some, Christmas can be a time of festive cheer, for many it is a time that just adds more stress to your already busy life.

If you are more frazzled than your pigs in blankets then why not make sure this Christmas is going to be different.

This Christmas you are going to get organised with our free Christmas planner!

Have yourself a merry little Christmas

Getting organised is the best way to ensure you have more festive cheer and less stress. Here are a few tips to follow in the months and weeks before Christmas to make sure you are ready for Santa arriving.

  • Make a family plan. Decide who is hosting who and when and in plenty of time so that everyone can get themselves organised. This allows you to buy travel tickets  in good time,  saving money and a last minute panic. It also means you can spread any cost over several months rather than a panic splurge at the end.
  • Put activities in a family calendar. Make sure everyone knows where the calendar is. Keep it close to the phone so that you’ll know if you are free when someone invites you to an event.
  • Make plans for overnight guests. If you have people staying make sure you have clean bedding and towels ready and waiting. No one wants to rush around putting duvet covers on 5 minutes before your guests arrive.
  • Make a gift list. List everyone you need to buy for, define the budget you want to spend and note down any ideas you have. This way you can pick up things when you see them and avoid expensive mistakes. Our free Christmas planner has a page to help you shop like a pro.
  • Make a budget. Set a ball park figure for each person on your list, and jot down everything you buy with the cost, so that you are not tempted to overspend in the last minute frenzy.
  • Wrap gifts as you buy them. This saves a last minute marathon wrapping session or the hard slog of doing them all at once. Wrapping small amounts of presents is more enjoyable and relaxing, allowing you the time to take special care and add nice finishing touches. When you sit back on Christmas eve with your mulled wine and mince pie you will be so glad you did this!
  • Get someone else to write the addresses on your christmas card envelopes. Writing christmas cards takes a long time. If you write personal notes in each one then it takes even longer. By enlisting a helper this at least halves the work. Another option is to buy printable address labels and print them instead. If you use Word then this article might be useful in describing how to create labels. This article explains how to create labels if you are a Mac user.  Remember to keep the address information updated for next year. As a brave move, why not just stop sending Christmas cards and send an email instead. Think how much time you will save!
  • Deep clean your house before you put up the decorations. Christmas decorations do not make it easy to clean your surfaces. You should be able to get away with minimal effort during the festive season if you give your house a thorough clean before you put up the decorations. Read about my quick and easy cleaning routine to help you stay on track throughout the year.
  • Make full use of your freezer. Be smart about what you are going to serve at your meals or parties over Christmas. Use the menu planner in our Free Christmas Planner to help you. Prepare as much food as you can in advance, this could include cakes, biscuits, side dishes, canapes or full meals and put them in your freezer. All you then need to do is to remember to take them out!. Even potatoes can be part boiled and then frozen ready to go straight in the oven to roast on Christmas day.
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  • Book an online food delivery slot in advance. To beat the crowds and chaos of Christmas food shopping book a delivery slot for the latest you dare. These slots get booked up quick so check ahead of time and make a note of when they can be booked. Sometimes you may need to add an item in your basket to reserve your place. Update your basket properly nearer the time once you know what you need. Not only will an online shop give you back a few hours of your day, it will also curb any spontaneous purchases.
  • Make time for yourself. This is the busiest time of the year for hairdressesers and nail studios so make sure you book your appointments early. Now you are ready to party whatever the festive season throws at you!

If you think some of these actions will help you, why not print our Christmas Planner. This has pages to cover card lists, present lists, a menu planner and an action plan.

Christmas Planner

Get ready to take this Christmas by storm!

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