5 reasons why I have moved to digital planners without regret

5 reasons why I have moved to digital planners instead of paper planners and have become much better organised, creative and tidier.

Most days there comes a time where I walk into a room and can’t remember why I went in there.

Sure this happens to most people so isn’t a big worry.

But keeping notes of the things I need to do has become a habit to make sure I remember to do the important, and not so important, stuff in my life.

Yet, keeping track of all the bits of paper where all my spurious notes are held has now become my latest issue.

My desk is covered in scribbled notes and to-do lists. My handbag is full of lists written on the back of envelopes. And I am managing to fill my paper recycle bin quite happily with my completed notes.

Whilst this may seem like I am being productive, a lot of the notes are the same thing written on many pieces of paper as I transfer one set of notes to another.

But I love paper planners

How many of you can walk passed Paperchase or Kikki K without drooling over the latest journals? I know I can’t.

I can spend hours browsing Pinterest looking at all the Bullet Journal layouts, desperately trying to create something as inspiring.

My biggest problem is that my writing is a mess. I always make mistakes when I start writing and I’m not very good at drawing. So, whilst I buy MANY beautiful notebooks intending to create a wonderfully creative and inspiring notebook. The reality is that the pages are full of unreadable scribbles, crossing out and torn out pages.

Somehow the dream of the beautiful, inspiring bullet journal never really lives up to my reality. My ‘creative’ planner ends up looking a mess.

The result is I buy the Notebooks but they sit on a shelf because I never want to use them as I don’t want to mess them up. I know, ridiculous – who else is going to look at them but me anyway!

Surely there must be a better way to keep track of my life without all this mess, or wasted money!

Digital planners are dull and uncreative, aren’t they?

From a work perspective, I’ve used Evernote for years to keep track of all my notes and projects. It’s great for organisation and I couldn’t work without it. I know everything is one place and the notes are synced across all my devices so they are always close at hand.

Yet using it is not very creative or inspiring. And to be honest, keeping things organised takes quite a bit of effort.

I also find that I remember things better if I physically write something down. I don’t know why I just seem to work that way.

So for my personal life, I have continued with my scraps of paper and messy planners.

Game changer….

5 reasons why I have moved to digital planners without regret

Recently I treated myself to myself to a new iPad with Apple Pencil and I am keen to make use of it as much as possible.

This means I have started to look outside the Evernote box at what digital note-taking apps exist and I am amazed.

I thought all digital note apps were similar but how wrong was I. You really can get creative with them.

You can now get digital planners that look exactly like paper planners. They even allow you to decorate them as much as you want.

Using the Apple Pencil also means that I am writing things down, so I remember things better too – win-win.

So for day to day planning and organisation, I’m going all out to use digital planners and here are my reasons why:

1. Digital planners make it easy to correct mistakes

My reluctance to mess up my beautiful paper notebooks has vanished with digital planners.

Even though my writing hasn’t improved by using the Apple Pencil, it doesn’t matter. I can choose to type the text as easy as writing, so I can use whatever option is right at that time.

Also adding images to a page is super easy. You can use any image and you can even get lots of gorgeous digital sticker kits on Etsy.

Getting creative without having to worry about making mistakes is such a relief.

Going digital means you can always undo anything and try again.

What this means is that I am actually USING my digital planners rather than buying them and just looking at them on the shelf.

2. Digital planners are cheaper to use than paper planners

The thrill of buying a new paper planner was always enjoyable. Going digital doesn’t have to mean that you miss out. You can still go shopping to buy gorgeous digital planners. The thrill of buying a new journal is still there but this time I’m not afraid to mess it up.

Another great benefit is everything is a digital download so you have immediate access to it.

The choice of digital planners on Etsy is mind-blowing. There is something for everyone. Either in the styling or the content.

What’s more, you may find that the cost of them are cheaper than their paper counterparts.

Plus, I can re-use the digital planner and stickers as many times as I want. It is not a one use only purchase. So now my planner habit is actually cheaper.

Maybe I should go and buy some new stickers !!

3. Your digital planner is always close to hand

I’m used to having my work notes always available to me on my iPad and phone, as well as desktop. Yet, having my personal planner, notes and to do lists always close to hand without having to carry around extra books or paper is a joy.

No more forgetting things because I didn’t pick up the correct list or piece of paper.

No more having to take a big handbag to fit all my notebooks and lists in as well as my mobile devices.

All I need is my phone and I’m good to go. Perfect!

4. I feel like I’m taking the greener option

With all the paper I was throwing away I always felt that I was being wasteful. Even though I was re-using the backs of envelopes and printed notes, it still felt wasteful.

Not exactly ‘green’ even though I was recycling my paper.

And that doesn’t even include the amount of rainforest that has been cut down to support my planner habit.

Now, not only have I stopped printing out planner pages, or buying new Notebooks, my desk and handbag are so much tidier without all the clutter of my notes.

I may be naive in thinking that electronic devices are a greener option than all the paper I was using.

I’m sure someone out there can tell me how much fossil fuels are being used with my new digital planner habit.

But you know what, I have to use something. I would’ve had the electronic devices anyway, so in my mind, I am not adding to what I would already be using.

I think am saving the planet a little bit in my own small way.

5. Easy to use whatever skill set or equipment you have

All the apps I have tried out seem to be easy and intuitive to use. There certainly wasn’t a steep learning curve and I was up and running in minutes.

This is mainly due to the functionality being quite focussed and streamlined. The apps aren’t trying to be too clever. They only offer a limited amount of functionality, but what they do do they do incredibly well.

This allows you to be as creative as you want without having to read any user guides.

Using digital planners does mean that you have to have a tablet of some kind to use them effectively. But you don’t need a top of the range iPad and pencils to make use of the apps.

That said I can’t tell you how easy they are to use on non-Apple devices as I haven’t tried them. But if the app you choose is compatible with your tablet then there is no reason to believe that using them will be anything but straightforward.

You can purchase digital planners and stickers at my Etsy shop.

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