Is the ‘M’ word the last great taboo

With 34 menopause symptoms, keeping track of yor experiences can be overwhelming. Use a menopause tracker to log you menopause symptoms and their severity along with possible triggers.
With 34 menopause symptoms, keeping track of your experiences can be overwhelming. Use a menopause tracker to log your menopause symptoms and their severity

Have you noticed that nobody ever talks about the ‘M’ word?

I’m talking about the Menopause, just in case you are in doubt.

It’s like a big secret that no one ever told you about until it’s too late.

Is that because it just happens to women and so is ‘fake news’? Or is it because, as women, we know it has to happen so we just get on with it?

It seems that things maybe things are changing and woman are starting to open up about it a bit more.

Celebrities are coming out telling all about their experiences. There are TV shows, adverts, blogs, Facebook groups and even a musical!

If you need information then it is certainly out there, but there is still an air of mystery surrounding it.

What are the menopause symptoms?

It is great to read about everyone else’s experiences. But do they really help you? Sometimes it is difficult work out if the unusual symptoms you are experiencing are actually down to the menopause.

Officially, there are 34 symptoms that are linked to the menopause.

You are unlikely to experience them all but you may experience many. Here is the list to get you thinking:

With 34 menopause symptoms, keeping track of yor experiences can be overwhelming. Use a menopause tracker to log you menopause symptoms and their severity along with possible triggers.

Now that you see all of the different, and seemingly unrelated, symptoms does it reassure you that you may not be going mad. Your forgetfulness may actually have a valid (non scary) reason!

Maybe you have already recognised some of these symptoms, but do you know how often, or severe, you are experiencing them?.

Should you track your menopause symptoms?

Personally, I am sure I am at the start of the menopause. But a quick trip to the doctors to try and get help left me feeling let down. I just felt like I was being a bit vague with my symptoms and I wasn’t taken seriously. After a blood test I was told that I’m not there yet. But the early stages can go on for years, and sometimes I don’t even want to live with me, so I pity Mr H!

Rather than putting up with it and continuing as normal, I thought it was vital that I start recording what I was experiencing. This would let me judge whether there was something worth pursuing or whether I was just being a bit of a hypochondriac.

Given that there are so many symptoms, and my memory is not what it used to be, I decided that I would try and keep track of the symptoms in a journal.

How to use a menopause tracker to monitor your symptoms

I wanted to identify what symptoms I was actually experiencing, how severe I thought they were and how frequently they occurred. This I hoped would give me enough information to take to a doctor if I needed to in the future.

Menopause tracker

I successfully used this basic menopause tracker in my GoodNotes app for a few months. Then I thought I would create a more substantial tracker to track symptoms, triggers, and medication.

This new menopause tracker gives options to initially track all the symptoms to see what you are experiencing on a daily basis.

As you begin to understand your symptoms you can select the most severe symptoms and track their severity against any supplements or medication you are taking. This easily lets you check to see if there is any improvement.

There is even a page to help you track your symptoms and their severity over the course of a day. This shows you if there is a trend at specific periods of the day.

Tracking possible triggers is also important to help you self manage your symptoms. By monitoring when you experience the trigger alongside the symptom chart you can really see if there is a trend.

Knowing what helps and what hinders your symptoms is the key to self managing your menopause.

What’s next for the menopause?

Using this menopause tracker I feel more in control of my life and better able to approach my doctor again when I feel that things are getting too much.

If you fancy giving the tracker a go you will find it in my Etsy store here.

The most important thing is to talk about your symptoms with your friends and family.

Don’t continue to suffer in silence.

Everybody’s experience is valid. For all our daughters’ sake let us make The Menopause a normal subject to talk about and not something whispered behind closed doors.

Comment below your thoughts and experiences if you want to share.

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