Productivity hack 6 – Schedule in breaks

Text - Productivity hack 6 - Schedule in breaks
This is from a series on the top 9 productivity hacks that you don't have time to ignore. Schedule in breaks. All are easy and effective productivity tips to fit into your life.
You are in the right place if you are looking for ideas to improve your productivity, planning and organisation.
This is the sixth blog post in a series on the top 9 productivity hacks.
There are hundreds of productivity hacks out there. Most will work in one way or another, but will depend on what you are looking for. The ones we are interested in will work for all areas of your life, work or personal.
Only the ones that are quick and easy to implement and have proven great results have made it onto the list.
At the end of the series I’ll post them all together in an overview.

Productivity hack 6 – Schedule in breaks

[blockquote] “There is virtue in work and there is virtue in rest. Use both and overlook neither” – Alan Cohen[/blockquote]

You have a to-do list a mile long, with lots of itty bits on it that you just never get round to.

We’ve all been there.
So for all you procrastinators, easily distracted people with a long list of very short tasks or people having trouble chipping away at very large tasks, help is at hand!.
Here is a tool to help you hit these in one fell swoop and provide you with the motivation to keep going.
The theory is you allocate a specific amount of time to working, a specific amount of time to a break and repeat until you have completed your list or allocated time. It is called (10+2)*5 and was created by Merlin Mann, author of
The (10+2)*5 simply means 10 minutes work + 2 minutes break multiplied by 5, completing 1 hour. Although any of the numbers can change to suit your list.
Identify from your list tasks that can be worked on (not necessarily completed) in blocks of 10 minutes or less.
During the work allocation time you work with single-minded focus on moving toward completion a single task.
During the break period go and do whatever you want but be ready to start work on the next task on your list in the next work period.
Repeat for however many time are appropriate for you.
You do not need to finish your task in the allocated time. You just need to move it forward.
If you finish a satisfying amount of work in fewer than ten minutes, go right to your break, then start another work session straight after.

Do NOT skip breaks!


The point of this is for you to create a jam-packed routine of work and break schedules.

The result? You’ll bash through an hour’s worth of work and will find yourself looking forward to both the breaking and working parts of the cycle

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